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Background to the problem in research proposal

What is the difference between introduction and background What is the Background of the Problem in a Research Work Outline the Background of the Problem - Navigating The Example of problem statement in research proposal/Stages 1 Answer to this question Answer: That’s an interesting topic, and from what we can make of it, quite focused. Being clear about your research question is already a good start for your research and more so for your research proposal. Coming to your query, note that we can only provide some pointers as it’s your research and you would know it best. The study’s background is used to demonstrate the relevance of a thesis topic as well as to create the thesis. In conclusion, a good background of the study is the work done to determine that your research question or thesis topic is a problem and that the approach utilized to address the issue or answer the question is the one required. Background of the Problem Remember all of that reading you did to choose your topic? This section of your proposal is where you share that knowledge with your reader. In this section you should: Demonstrate that you have thoroughly researched your topic; show this by discussing the breadth and depth of prior work in this area Outline the Background of the Problem Topic 3: Background and Introduction As you draft your Outline of the Background of the Problem, consider the following: The background of the problem is established before the statement of the problem to provide readers/researchers a compelling understanding of the context of the problem as in what research has been. The Background also relies on sound research and a comprehensive approach. Whereas the Research Problem is designed to set up what is not known (i.e., a problem) in the research, the Background gives the reader a broad and often chronological view of the topic and the research that has been conducted on it to the present.

The background is written to establish the significance of your research. It forms part of the Introduction section and provides context of the study in a brief and concise manner. It introduces the research topic and leads the readers to the gaps in.

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Background to the problem in research proposal

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